The Best Way to Get around the mountains for Biking and Hiking

Shuttles start June 24 with a new schedule getting you to Banff, Canmore
and trail stops along the Smith Dorrien trail (Hwy 742).This service will end on September 10.



OR Book by Phone anytime (including the day of the service): 403-762-2282

Private bookings and offseason inquiries: 403-760-4403 ext. 21


Heading East and South along Hwy #1 and #740
to Mt. Buller and Mt. Shark

Banff Train Station 9:30 1:00
Travel Alberta Canmore 9:50 1:20
Canmore Downtown 10:00 1:30 3:30
Nordic Centre 10:10 1:40 3:40
Goat Creek 10:20 1:50 3:50
Spray Dam 10:35 2:05 4:05
Mt. Buller 10:50 2:20 4:20
Mt. Shark 4:30

Heading North and West along Hwy #740 and #1
from Mt. Buller and Mt. Shark

Mt. Shark 4:40
Mt. Buller 11:00 2:30 5:00
Spray Dam 11:15 2:45 5:15
Goat Creek 11:30 3:00 5:30
Nordic Centre 11:40 3:10 5:40
Canmore Downtown 11:50 3:20 5:50
Travel Alberta Canmore 12:00 6:00
Banff Train Station 12:20 6:20
Sunshine Village 6:45


one-way     return
Banff-Canmore $10 $20
Banff-Goat Creek $25 $35
Canmore-Nordic Centre $5 $10
Canmore-Goat Creek $15 $25
Canmore-Spray-Buller $20 $30
Mt. Shark-Canmore $40 $65
Mt. Shark-Banff $50 $85
Mt.Shark-Sunshine Village $75

Pickup and Drop-Off Locations


Banff Train Station


Downtown - public parking lot on 9th St behind Canmore Info Centre.

Legacy Trailhead at Travel Alberta Info. Centre - 10 minutes before or after downtown stop.

Goat Creek/Ha Ling

Parking lot at Goat Creek Trailhead

Nordic Centre

Opposite day lodge at Canmore Nordic Centre

Spray Dam

At side of road in both directions directly opposite dam

Mt. Buller Trailhead

At side of road in both directions opposite Buller Day Use entrance

Mt. Shark Trailhead

Next to trailhead kiosk

Hiking and Biking Options around the Bow Valley


Goat Creek Trail to Banff:
The most popular easy mountain bike ride in the valley. This 18 km long trail begins at the Goat Creek Trailhead above Canmore and follows old fire roads to the town of Banff, finishing at the Banff Springs Hotel. Starting above Canmore, it's more downhill than uphill. Lots of interesting places to stop for a break along the way - particularly at the Goat Creek and Spray River bridges. Allow 2-3 hours.

Canmore Nordic Centre Mountain Biking Trails: 
Spend a day riding the extensive mountain biking trail network. All levels of trails from beginner to expert. Single and double track.

Rundle Riverside Trail from Canmore Nordic Centre to Banff:
If you like roots, rocks and technical challenge, this single track is for you. From the Nordic Centre boundary to the trail's end at the Banff Springs Golf Course, this relatively flat 12 km trail is a surprisingly tough challenge! Allow 2-3 hours.

High Rockies Trail:
This is the newest mountain biking trail in the area and is ideal for mountain bikers of all abilities. It begins at Goat Creek and runs for just over 30 km to the Mt. Buller trailhead. The first half from Goat Creek to Spray Dam follows old logging and service roads and is fairly flat with numerous great views of the Spray Valley. The second half climbs gently into the forest and then rolls gently up and down along the edge of the mountains crossing numerous canyons and rocky slopes along the way. There are a number of entry and exit points along the way. This trail can be combined with the Goat Creek Trail to create a formidable 50 km mountain biking challenge.

Legacy Trail between Banff and Canmore:
The Legacy Trail is a 20+ km paved trail that links Banff with Canmore and makes a safe, and fun ride between the towns possible. Along the way you can make a short side trip to the Cascade Ponds and there is also a great lunch stop roughly halfway along the trail at the Valleyview Picnic Area.

There is trailhead parking in Canmore at the Travel Alberta Info Centre at the western end of town and also numerous, safe ways to ride into downtown. In Banff, the trail ends at the start of Banff Avenue, but it is also easy riding to our pickup/dropoff location at the Banff Train Station. The trail can be ridden in either direction but the best direction to ride is from Banff to Canmore. There is slightly more downhill from Banff to Canmore, and best of all, the wind is almost always at your back!

Allow 2 - 3 hours from Banff to Canmore and longer from Canmore to Banff.


Ha Ling Peak:
Canmore’s signature peak with its vertical wall is an imposing view from Canmore, but it is very hike-able (but steep) from the Goat Creek trailhead and is the most popular summit hike in the area. Allow 4 + hours.

Three Sisters Peak:
If you’re up for a real scrambling challenge,try this one. It is a relentless slog up to the top of the 3rd Sister from the Spray Dam but the summit is one of the highest peaks in the region and offers unsurpassed views of the Rockies. Allow 6 + hours.

Buller Pass:
This is one of the best and least known trails in the area. It reaches wonderful alpine meadows and offers opportunities to branch off in different directions once you reach the pass. Allow 6 + hours.

Mt. Assiniboine Backpacker Shuttle

If you’re backpacking in the Mt. Assiniboine area between Sunshine Village and Mt. Shark why not save yourself the hassle of dropping a vehicle off at both ends or trying to figure out how to arrange a ride or taxi (almost non-existent). Just book our shuttle from the Mt. Shark Trailhead. It leaves at 4:40 pm every day and can drop you off in Canmore, Banff, or back at the Sunshine Village Parking Lot. Advance reservations are required. (If you find yourself at Mt. Assiniboine and need to make a last minute reservation you can ask the staff at Mt. Assiniboine Lodge to make a call for you)